Monday, January 10, 2011

Feds Confiscates Hundreds of websites most of them hip-hop related - Check out the list of sites

If you are not paying attention and you own a hip-hop website that relates to file sharing your website could be the next to get confiscated by the feds. We were submitted a list of all of the websites that the government has seized. One in particular that shocked the hip-hop community was the confiscation of That sent a loud and clear message to every hip-hop blogger and website owner that they may have to change the way they do business. To view list read below.

Before we post the list I would like to begin to ask how constitutional is this? What are we going to do about this problem? Why is the government getting involved in this? There seems to be a lot of changes since Barack Obama has been in office and the agenda of bigger government is being pushed heavily. Have we been dumbed down so much that we no longer have the will power to fight? I thought hip-hop was a powerful voice used to influence the masses. The real question is what type of influence are we putting out there? When do we take personal responsibility for our own actions instead of leaving the problems up to somebody else to deal with? Then you guys wonder why things never change with us or it just get's worse.

The updated list confiscated by the feds.

This above is rather disturbing...What do you think?


Melissa said...

Very disturbing!!! What can we do other than share this information?

Chrissie said...

I'm sorry, but how is,, and hip-hop related? Is that what the identity of hip hop has been reduced to now, name brand clothes and fugazi handbags??? Oh, yeah, and ""--really? R u serious?

blush said...

I guess the fact that websites were confiscated went completely over your head? Regardless of your personal opinion to who owns the sites or what you perceive hip-hop to be the fact remains, that the sites were confiscated by the feds. That was the whole point to the article. With out focusing on the distraction how about coming up with some real answers to the government confiscating websites?

Or in your mind it doesn't really matter because of the type of sites you perceive it to be?

woo said...

Most of these sites were selling things that they did not have the right to sell, possess, redistribute or have posted on their sites. There was some kind of copyright infringement.

Just because you have a Hip Hop related website doesn't mean that you have the right to do what you want. Plus, just because it is Hip Hop Related doesn't mean that it's owned by a person group or entity that has real Hip Hop intentions.

If the Government doesn't handle this then who does? A private organization?

Sell your own stuff or items that you have clearance. There were no Amway sites shut down! LOL

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