Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kanye West x Jay-Z - H.A.M. (Produced By Lex Luger)

So we was on twitter and was sent this new record from Kanye West and Jay-Z the name of the track is titled "H.A.M. produced by Lex Luger. Personally the track sounds like your same Lex Luger down south beats that you would hear for Waka or even Gucci and Rick Ross. That may be the gift and the curse for Lex. As the sound is no different then what we have heard before from him. I don't want to hear a record where you have to repetitively play the record in order for me to like it. More assessment below!

But perhaps the most disturbing of the song was a 40 plus Jay-Z sounding like he is 22 again rapping over down south beats and not even being lyrical. He sounded off centered and not what I expect from a veteran Emcee of his stature. As far as Kanye goes well he is just Kanye an experimental production genius and sometimes when you do experiments they don't always turn out right. Did we like the record no but maybe you fans can shed some light to us. Do you think H.A.M. is a dope record?


Tommy Boy said...

This sh** is wack I mean c'mon man!!!

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